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At Highwood and Lavender Consulting, we have considerable experience in the world of PC hardware and networking. If, as an individual, you are looking to buy a PC - but cannot handle the technical stuff that goes with the descriptions of the many models on the market, we can help you.

PC Builds

Tell us how you intend to use your PC - if you intend to use a PC for gaming, or just for web and email - and we will advise on the most appropriate specification - whether it be a desktop or laptop model. We can also work to a budget of course! We can also install your required software packages too - so all you have to do is get on and use it!

If you require help in setting up a home network - perhaps to connect a home PC to a broadband service from BT or a cable provider, we can help. If you want the home network to be wireless, this is no problem. We can help specify the wireless hardware, and install it for you - making sure it is secure and cannot be 'hacked'.

As a small business, you may already have PC's in use in your office, but want them to be networked so that Internet access, web and email - and local resources such as printers and servers can all be shared. This is no problem for Highwood and Lavender Consulting. We have extensive experience of office networking, both wired and wireless.

If you require us to help you with any PC or networking requirement - either as an individual or small business, then get in touch so that we can discuss your requirements in detail, and provide you with a no-obligation quote.

Data Recovery
Our Data Recovery service is run on a best efforts basis and is not guaranteed. Many factors effect the ability of the deployed software tools to recover lost data or to read from failed storage media. For more information click here.