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At Highwood and Lavender Consulting, we offer a full web hosting service using our own servers. We have two hosting sites, Highwood and Highdown approximately 30 miles apart to ensure internet and power resilience. Use this service to power your website and/or handle your email ! At Highwood and Lavender Consulting, we offer a choice for individuals and small businesses looking for affordable web hosting. Three options are available as below :-

Web and Email hosting

  • Email only hosting
    • which provides Webmail access for up to 5 mailboxes, with full AntiVirus protection using Kaspersky Lab AV.
  • Website only hosting
    • which provides 250Mb of web server space and full server-side technology using PHP and MySQL.
  • Combined hosting
    • both of the above services.

Additional hosting features can be added, such as:

  • Email hosting
    • POP mailboxes (up to a total of 10) with auto-forwarders and auto-responders.
  • Website hosting
    • web server space up to 1Gb, remote content updates and full SSL functionality.
  • Business Continuity
    • your website and email are hosted resiliently.

The Business Continuity option available at Highwood and Lavender Consulting means your website and email are hosted at two locations. In the event of a failure of the server or connection to the Internet at one location, your website and email will be automatically switched to the second location, so that your web site and email remain available and you do not lose web visibility or potential business.

Hosting contracts are taken out for a period of one year. However, at Highwood and Lavender Consulting we strive to offer our customers flexibility for growth and expansion - so if your hosting package no longer meets your requirements - or you just need some additional features, you can upgrade your package easily. You can purchase web hosting at the same time as a domain name (see Domains).

Highwood and Lavender Consulting does not insert any pop up banners or advertisements on the email or hosting services.

Highwood and Lavender Consulting use DELL ™ servers. We maintain full off-site backups of all DNS, web and mail server hosts. All servers are constantly monitored, and maintained at the latest patch state to ensure ongoing security and service stability.

Our Web servers run the industry standard 'Apache' web server.

If you require web hosting, get in touch so that we can discuss your requirements in detail, and provide you with a no-obligation quote.